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Bay report score drops to D-plus, first decline in a decade

January 8, 2019 ,"A new report rates the health of the Chesapeake Bay at D-plus, a first-time decline in a decade since the Chesapeake Bay Foundation started the biennial report in 1998"

Offshore oil and gas development and exploration are not in Maryland's best interest

December 25,2018 ,"On behalf of Gov. Larry Hogan (R), I wanted to reiterate the state of Maryland's steadfast opposition to the ongoing pursuit of offshore oil and gas exploration, leasing, development and production in the Atlantic Ocean."

New Study Finds Oyster Decline Due to Weather, Not Overharvesting

November 27, 2018, "The ranks of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police grew by 44 officers - the largest increase in manpower in 13 years - in recent graduation ceremonies."

Two from Calvert join Natural Resources Police ranks

November 7, 2018,"Maryland Natural Resources Police tell news outlets that 58-year-old Charles David Downs died on Monday after the incident in Breton Bay "

Boat fire doused, investigated at Patuxent River tributary

October 31, 2018,"A fire originating inside a 39-foot powerboat destroyed the vessel Saturday night as it was docked at a marina in California, off the Patuxent River, according to state investigators working to determine the cause of the blaze."

Arnold man charged with abandoning boat in Chesapeake Bay

September 11, 2018,"An Arnold man is accused of leaving his sailboat in the Chesapeake Bay south of Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant since June. Despite repeated requests from the police, he allegedly has failed to have it removed."

Abandoned boat spills fuel in Patuxent River

September 5, 2018,"Officials from Naval Air Station Patuxent River confirmed in a Tuesday statement that a sheen of fuel spanning 100 by 300 feet near a partially submerged civilian craft in the Patuxent River had leaked from the boat, which has been anchored in the water since June"

Abandoned boat slowly sinking in Patuxent

August 24, 2018,"A derelict boat that was abandoned in the Patuxent River has started to sink, and nearby residents are concerned "

St. Mary's man killed during boat race

July 30, 2018,"A Leonardtown man died early Monday morning, July 30 from injuries he sustained when the race boat he was operating flipped over "

Watermen Rejoice, Environmentalists Worry For Federal-Approved Oyster Dredging Project

June 19, 2018,"Earlier this week, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gave Maryland approval to dredge five million bushels of oyster shells from the Man O' War Shoal oyster sanctuary located in the Patapsco River "

DNR seeks to cut minimum size requirement for rockfish by one inch

March 29, 2018,"The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is moving forward with emergency regulations that would cut the minimum size of striped bass for charter boats and recreational anglers from 20 to 19 inches."

Pearl of an idea: Ban the Chesapeake Bay oyster dredge
- Baltimore Sun

March 14, 2018,"Back in 1891, Maryland's first oyster commissioner, William K. Brooks, raised alarms about overharvesting of the Chesapeake Bay's keystone species, which watermen were dredging from the bay at ruinous rates."

Podcast Hell on the half-shell: The oyster wars of the Chesapeake Bay
- Baltimore Sun

March 2, 2018,"Once upon a time, Chesapeake oysters were good as gold, so plentiful and so valuable that men fought bloody battles over them."

Lawmakers eye changes to menhaden fishery harvest

March 1, 2018,"RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A House committee has advanced a bill to bring Virginia into compliance with an interstate body's decision regarding Atlantic menhaden."

NRP officer Starliper retiring after 30 years on local waterways
- SoMdNews

September 8, 2017 - "Becoming a natural resources police officer was Rick Starliper's dream job since he was a boy of 10. In 1987, he sold his house and moved his family of five from Franklin County, Pa., to St. Mary's to achieve that dream."

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