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Baltimore Police Marine Unit Cut from City Budget

6/16/20,"As major cities face financial losses from the pandemic and increasing calls to defund the police, Baltimore City's proposed budget would eliminate the police marine unit."

NEW guidance on personal, non-motorized watercraft under Maryland Stay at Home Order

9:50am 3/31/2020,"Generally, hunting and fishing is allowed if it is for sustenance. Recreational power boating and sailboating is prohibited unless you are a live-a-board. Kayaks, canoes, stand up paddleboards, etc. ARE considered exercise and are allowed."

Changes are here and more are coming
Calvert Recorder

February 18, 2020,"The targeting of striped bass by recreational fishermen will be prohibited, including a prohibition of trolling, for the entire month of April. The start of spring trophy season will also be delayed until May 1. The daily limit will be one fish per person with a 35-inch minimum."

New rockfish rules to hit anglers harder than watermen

February 12, 2020,"Anglers in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries will be limited to landing just one striped bass a day ..."

Menhaden are too useful to catch for omega-3 oil

January 31, 2020,"... the state secretary of commerce has placed a moratorium on fishing for the menhaden in the Chesapeake Bay to begin effective June 17. "

We do not want the bay to look like a swimming pool

January 17, 2020,"To get things in balance, we need to remove a lot of plankton. Menhaden are filter feeders and are well equipped to do the job. Just consider what omega protein is doing by removing up to 51,000 metric tons of menhaden. "

Bay report score drops to D-plus, first decline in a decade

January 8, 2019,"A new report rates the health of the Chesapeake Bay at D-plus, a first-time decline in a decade since the Chesapeake Bay Foundation started the biennial report in 1998"