Lodge 8 has a long history of supporting Southern Maryland youth groups. In November 2016, the Lodge President decided to provide an opportunity for the Youth Groups to list information about their groups, their goals and the progress in achieving their goals. In addition to providing information on how the Lodge funds were used, this page also allows them to tell their stories of the friendships made, travel adventures and learning experiences that occurred along their road to success.

A Youth Group will need an active Lodge member sponsor, to accompany the Youth Group at a membership meeting. The sponsor will need to have a Request for Youth Group Funding to submit at the Lodge meeting. The form requires that a representative of the Youth Group be established. The representative would likely work with the sponsor to complete the form. The Youth Group representative is responsible to me the oral request of the membership to support their funding.

The activity and event information for the FOP 8 website is to be written by the Youth Group and when reviewed by the sponsor, emailed in digital form with digital images to the webmaster. Hyperlinks to any dedicated website for the Youth Group may also be included. The information may be written collectively or individually by the Youth Group members. Because this page will be open to the public and the images will be of non-adults, the Youth Group and Sponsor will be responsible for documenting the consent of its members to be displayed on the website.